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Spirituality Counseling

Spirituality Counseling is an option for many people that are attached to a religion, but they are secretly battling depression, anxiety and many more issues. Furthermore, many feel that by coming to a professional therapy, they are admitting defeat or they feel that they have failed God. I DISAGREE. My mission is to help those that are struggling in their relationship with God realize that what they are going through is actually a medium to get closer to God. Additionally, I want to “shatter” the myth that attaining professional assistance, in the form of therapy, is not tantamount to “giving up.” It may actually be a “leap of faith” to admitting “I NEED HELP!” I’m here to serve as a professional therapeutic guide to assist you with overcoming those issues without compromising your spirituality.

If you are interested in spiritual counseling, please contact me here for further details or a free 15-min phone consultation.