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Presentation/Speaking Engagements

“Bolu is an energetic and engaging speaker who really connects with her audience . She gets real with them, and motivates them to make positive changes. I highly recommend her!”




In addition to providing therapeutic services, I am also available to speak at your next event. If you are looking for an excited, passionate motivational speaker to speak on wellness and educational topics, look no further!

I provide interactive and inspiring presentations that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. I have experience in speaking at state conferences, school organizations, in-service trainings, seminars and to various populations such as, but not limited to: educators, students, parents, religious/spiritual groups, mental and medical professionals.

I have become an official PrepareEnrich trainer where I will offer workshop for those that would love to learn how to utilize the PrepareEnrich curriculum for couples. More information to come soon.

I am very passionate about speaking on topics geared towards mental health and women, the effects of mental health on one’s spirituality, and the myths and negative stigma of mental health in culture and religion. More specific topics include the following:


  • The Overwhelming Pressure of Perfectionism
  • Women and Mental Health
  • The Silent Sin of Mental Health
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • The Many Faces of Depression
  • Becoming Friends with Failure
  • The Servant’s Cry: Helping the Helper
  • How Much of Me Do I Sacrifice for the Culture
  • Learning How To Deal with Success
  • How Social Media is Raising Our Children
  • Can’t Deal: Dealing with Emotion Dysregulation Disorders

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